Business Domain/Product List

Channeling our energy into three primary business domains.
We are the Unitika Group.

Helping to enrich the lives of people all over the world and coexist with the global environment. This is the desire of the Unitika Group.
At times, our group companies involved in differed business areas unite, while at others, we bring our capabilities in diverse fields to bear for optimum efficiency.
We have divided our business into three primary fields; polymers, performance materials and fibers and textiles and are constantly working to build on these both multilaterally and concurrently.

UNITIKA Creation & Products

Polymer technology forms the core of Unitika’s business operations. These are largely divided into two areas; films and plastics. While continuing to strengthen our global marketing activities, Unitika is enhancing the synergy between its respective business areas and partner companies to take our polymer technologies global.

Our performance materials include activated carbon fibers, glass fiber & fabrics and glass beads,nonwoven fabrics,industrial materials. Due to the properties and high potential of these materials, they are found in a range of niche applications. With a view to expanding this business domain, Unitika is channeling its energy into developing tailor-made products to address a range of product requirements and applications.

The market for fiber and textile products is seeing a shift, moving from Asia to countries in the west. While working to enhance collaboration with Unitika Trading, one of our Group companies, in addition to clothing and industrial materials, we are also looking to the manufacture and sale of final products and expanding our overseas production facilities with a view to further global expansion.