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Polymers form the core and are the origin of Unitika's wide-ranging operations


Unitika's film operations offer products centering on nylon and polyester. Our "Emblem" nylon film accounts for one-half of the total global share of nylon film food packaging. Market cultivation by joint operations in Indonesia and China is being promoted, and our global strengths, including our operations in Europe and the United States, are being strongly leveraged.
In addition, development and sales are being enhanced to expand our business.

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Simultaneous biaxially oriented nylon film. The world's leading brand of food packaging.

Emblem™ NC

Nylon film that can be processed to have a quality appearance by, for example, mimicking the texture of Japanese paper. This is a straight-cut film that makes opening easier.

Emblet™ Cable Wrapping

Functional polyester film used widely throughout the electronics and electrical industries as cable wrapping thanks to properties such as electrical insulation and mechanical strength.

Emblet™ PC

Metal-evaporated film for quality conservation. This is a straight-cut polyester film that makes opening easier.

Co-extrusion multi-layer BOPA

A multi-layer nylon film consisting of a harmless resin layer sandwiched between two nylon layers. Co-extrusion multi-layer BOPA is becoming more widespread in a range of fields centering on food, as an environmentally conscious film.

High-performance antistatic PET film

Provides excellent antistatic performance and maintains stable antistatic performance that is barely influenced by humidity.

UV-curable resin readily bondable film

Readily bondable PET film developed for UV-curable resin. This film exhibits satisfactory adhesion performance for various resins.

Film processing

UCS reprocesses film products with the width, length and slit configurations demanded by the user, and has the technological expertise to respond to emergency orders rapidly.