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EMBLET™ (Industrial application)

EMBLET™ product list, plane grade


Brand Thickness
Type Characteristics
PET 12 F Standard type with a low shrinkage.
S 16, 25 F Standard type with a low shrinkage.
38, 50 LS Standard type with well-balanced physical properties.
SG 12 F Standard type with a low shrinkage.
PTH 12, 25, 38, 50 LS Kneaded matte film with improved processability.
PTHA 25 LS Kneaded matte film (rougher than PTH).
PTHZ 12 LS Kneaded matte film with higher matte appearance.
PTME 12 LS Film with antistatic side and adhesive side.
ATR 38 LS A one-side antistatic film with surface resistance of 1010Ω/sq.

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Heat shrinkage curve of EMBLET™

EMBLET has several brands with different heat shrinkage behaviors.
Heat shrinkage of the individual brands at high temperatures are shown in the following graphs.
It is necessary to use them according to their uses.

Measurement method: Conform to IEC60674-3-2.
(Treatment time: 15 minutes)
Sample: S-25

Heat shrinkage ratio

Antistatic PET film AT


  • Antistatic property with surface resistance of 1010Ω/sq under normal conditions.
  • Antistatic property maintains a surface resistance of 1010Ω/sq in an atmosphere of 23°C× 40%.
  • Antistatic property maintains a surface resistance of 1010Ω/sq after treatment of 200°C hot air for a short time.
  • Oligomer bleed out is suppressed.
  • The opposite surface of the anti-statically treated surface has excellent dust resistance.
  • Both sides of the film is processable for various use.


ATR is used as cover tape, protective film, base material for adhesive tape, base material for separators, and various process films.


An antistatic coating agent used for ATR is characterized by small migration to a counterpart material and low humidity dependence of its antistatic property. In addition, it has excellent heat resistance, water resistance.

[Humidity dependence of antistatic films]

Inherent surface resistance of AS film (humidity dependence)

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