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Co-extrusion multi-layer BOPA (Packaging application)

Co-extrusion multi-layer BOPA with toughness and high gas barrier property have been expanded over a wide range of applications in the Japanese market.

Co-extrusion multi-layer BOPA is a co-extrusion multi-layer biaxially oriented polyamide film that has both toughness and has high gas barrier property.
Co-extrusion multi-layer BOPA is developed through the combination of a co-extrusion technology with our proprietary simultaneous biaxially orientation technology.

Features of Co-extrusion multi-layer BOPA

There are two types of EMBLON; "EMBLON M" enabling retort sterilization and "EMBLON E" enabling boil sterilization.

  • [ M series]
  • Enabling retort treatment at 120°C
  • Excellent strength and transparency
  • High gas barrier property
  • [E series]
  • High gas barrier property
  • Enabling boil treatment at 90°C
  • Excellent strength and transparency

Gas barrier property, heat resistance, and high strength and elastic modulus

Extremely high gas barrier property, and excellent aroma retention


Co-extrusion multi-layer BOPA product list

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