• UNITIKA Advanced Materials UNITIKA Advanced Materials

"UNIBEADS" is active in everyone's life, taking advantage of the spherical glass feature.
It is used to shine a white line in a dark street at night, to make children's shoes and bags light, to make paint,to improve the appearance and strength of plastic parts···. We do not usually notice it easily butour "UNIBEADS" brighten your life with "Technology x Imagination".


  • UNIBEADS L Series for Road Marking

    UNIBEADS "L Series" for Road Marking

    Using for many kinds of road markings and is useful for traffic safety purpose with its good recognizability at night.

  • UNIBEADS for Blasting

    UNIBEADS for Blasting

    As surface to be processed is not abraded more than necessity and not solid. High precision surface treatment can achieved and it is possible to obtained special high performance as dull finish on the surface of the substance. Also this is being used for shot-peening process.

  • UNIBEADS for Grinding and Dispersion

    UNIBEADS for Grinding and Dispersion

    Due to superior functions and economical price, it has been used widely in various fields. Also we have non-alkali glass beads which has less alkali elution and good abrasion resistance.

  • UNIBEADS for Plastic Filler

    UNIBEADS for Filler

    Due to good fluidity, easy molding and no direction so that there is no any anisotropy on the moldings. Also, it gives us good properties electrically, chemically, heatedly and optically.

  • High-Precision UNIBEADS

    High-Precision UNIBEADS

    Highly sharp size distribution and has been used for many kinds of spacer application. Especially good for using at high temperature and insulation condition.