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UNIBEADS brings brilliant future.
Fine glass beads ranging from a few microns to several millimeters in diameter, it is UNIBEADS. UNIBEADS are manufactured by UNION CO.,LTD., subsidiary company of UNITIKA LTD. We, UNION open the future through UNIBEADS. UNIBEADS plays a vital role in our daily life as light reflective material mainly in traffic signs and road markings.
Furthermore we through our everlasting challenge to technological innovations, timely respond to market needs and environmentally friendly recycling. UNION CO.,LTD., as manufacturer of UNIBEADS would like to brighten the living of people.
UNIBEADS "L Series" for Road Marking
Using for many kinds of road markings and is useful for traffic safety purpose with its good recognizability at night.

UNIBEADS "NH Series" for Reflective Sheet
Using for road signs and traffic safety goods and contributing to traffic safety.

UNIBEADS "M Series" for Reflective Sheet and Cloth
Using for open-type reflective sheets, cloth and capsule-type reflective sheets.

UNIBEADS for Blasting
As surface to be processed is not abraded more than necessity and not solid. High precision surface treatment can achieved and it is possible to obtained special high performance as dull finish on the surface of the substance. Also this is being used for shot-peening process.

UNIBEADS for Plastic Filler
Due to good fluidity, easy molding and no direction so that there is no any anisotropy on the moldings. Also, it gives us good properties electrically, chemically, heatedly and optically.

UNIBEADS for Grinding and Dispersion
Due to superior functions and economical price, it has been used widely in various fields. Also we have non-alkali glass beads which has less alkali elution and good abrasion resistance.

High-Precision UNIBEADS
Highly sharp size distribution and has been used for many kinds of spacer application. Especially good for using at high temperature and insulation condition.

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