“L Series” for Road Marking


  • Used for various road markings, helping traffic safety by increasing visibility at night
  • Eco-friendly product that uses recycled glass


Raw Material Soda Lime Glass
Refractive Index 1.52
Specific Gravity 2.5


Product Name Main Particle Size(μm) Conformity Standard
UB-108L 106 ~ 850 JIS R 3301

* Each characteristics are a representative values and are not a values that guarantees the product.

Type of Packing


UNIBEADS 'L Series' for Road Marking of Can Packing
Can Packing :
UNIBEADS 'L Series' for Road Marking of Bag Packing
Bag Packing :

Retroreflective Effect of Glass Beads

Retroreflective Effect of Glass Beads

Light from vehicles incident on the glass beads exposed on the road marking.
The incident light is refracted on the surface of the glass beads, and reflected at the interface with the paint on the back side and returned to driver’s eyes.
By this function, the road markings look shining and the driver can see the road markings even at night.