Filler for Plastic


  • With spherical shape, excellent filling , fluidity, high dimensional stability when applying on plastic molded production.
  • Since it is isotropic, there is no anisotropy in the physical properties of the molded product and no warpage occurs.
  • Also excellent, transparency, heat and chemical resistance and electrical characteristics.
  • Low alkaline glass with extremely low alkali elution (Borosilicate glass )are also available.


  MF Series E Series
Raw Material Almino borosilicate glass Borosilicate Glass
Specific Gravity 2.3 2.6
Refractive Index 1.49 1.56


MF Series
(New Product)
E Series Main Particle Size
UBS-0005MF UBS-0005E
(New Product)
~ 5
UBS-0010MF UBS-0010E ~ 10
UBS-0020MF UBS-0020E ~ 20
UBS-0030MF UBS-0030E ~ 30
UB-01MF - ~ 38
- UB-02E ~ 45

* Please contact us for particle sizes other than the above.

Particle Size Distribution Image

Particle Size Distribution Graph
Particle Size Distribution Image

* SEM Image

Surface Treatment

Optimal silane coupling treatment is performed according to the resin type.

Symbol Coupling Agent Compatible Resins
A Amino silane Epoxy, Phenol, Melamine, Fran, Polyamide, Polyester, PC, Polyurethane, NBR, Neoprene Rubber, Chloroprene Rubber, Acrylic, ABS
G Epoxy silane Epoxy, Phenol, PVC, Polyester, Butyl rubber, NBR, SBR
AC Acrylic silane Unsaturated polyester, Acrylic, EPM/EPDM, Polyolefin(PE,PP)

* The table above is only a guide. The optimum treatment agent depends on the condition of functional groups in the resin.

Type of Packing


UNIBEADS for Filler of can
Can Packing : 25kg