High Precision Spheres


  • The particle size distribution is extremely sharp and used as various spacers.
  • Suitable for use in areas where heat resistance, load capacity and electrical insulation are required.
  • Sharpened image diagram
    Sharpened image diagram


Raw MaterialSoda Lime Glass
Specific Gravity2.5
Refractive Index1.52
Compressive Strength (kgf)*1-100μm0.78
Compressive Strength (kgf)*1-1,000μm21

*1: Compressive strength is a value measured by our laboratory.

SPL Series

Variety Particle Size Standard (μm) Particle Size Measurement Method
Average Particle Size Standard Deviation
SPL-30 30.0±2.0 2.0 or less Coulter Method
SPL-50 50.0±2.0
SPL-70 70.0±3.0 3.0 or less
SPL-100 100.0±5.0
SPL-150 150.0±5.0 6.0 or less
SPL-200 200.0±10.0
SPL-300 300±10 10 or less Caliper Method
SPL-400 400±30
SPL-500 500±40 20 or less
SPL-600 600±50
SPL-800 820±20 25 or less
SPL-1000 1030±30
SPL-1200 1220±30 30 or less
SPL-1500 1500±30 40 or less
SPL-2000 2000±50 50 or less

We also accept consultations for particle size glass beads and sharpened products other than the above.

High-Precision UNIBEADS Average Particle Size
High-Precision UNIBEADS Average Particle Size

Package Presentation

High-Precision UNIBEADS 10g/Bottle


High-Precision UNIBEADS 100g/Bottle


Application Example

(1) Standard Sample

With spherical and sharp size distribution, good data reproducibility can be obtained when taking measurement of particle.
Also suitable as size comparison particles.

  1. Standard sample for calibration or inspection of particle size distribution measuring device, sieve, filter
  2. Particles for size comparison during microscopic observation
  3. Foreign matter sample at the time of quality inspection

(2) Spacer ( Gap control material )

By mixing glass beads with the adhesive, easily form a given gap when gluing.

  1. Spacer for various parts
  2. Spacer for optical components
  3. Spacer for electronic components
  4. Spacer for precision parts