“UF Series” for High Intensive Road Marking


  • Can improve the visibility of road markings, especially in the rainy condition at night.
  • The main component is a glass material prepared to have high retroreflective performance.


Raw MaterialTitanium Barium Glass
Specific Gravity3.0 ~ 3.6
Main Particle Size (μm)106 ~ 850

Product Name


Type of Packing


UNIBEADS 'UF Seriese' for High Performance Road Marking of can
Can Packing : 25kg

Retroreflective Effect in Rainy Weather

When using UNIFLASH

When using UB-108L
(JIS R 3301)

When using UB-108L, glass beads surface is covered with a water film in rainy night which reduces the brightness.
On the other hand, UNIFLASH can be used keeping excellent retroreflective performance.