“NH Series” for Reflective Sheet


  • Suitable glass beads for closed type retroreflective material with refractive index 2.2.
  • High spherical degree, excellent fluidity, stable glass composition and high transparency.


Raw MaterialTitanium Barium Glass
Refractive Index2.2
Specific Gravity4.6


Product NameMain Particle Size (μm)
UB-R052NH25 ~ 45
UB-R12NH38 ~ 45
UB-R23NH45 ~ 53
UB-R34NH53 ~ 63
UB-R45NH63 ~ 75

* Acrylic silane coating (AC notation at the end of the product name) is the standard product.
* For particle sizes other than the above, please contact us.

Type of Packing


UNIBEADS 'NH Series' for Reflective Sheet of can
Can Packing : 25kg

Cross-sectional shape of
closed type

Cross-sectional shape of open

Usage example
using NH series

Usage example using NH series Daytime


Usage example using NH series Night Time

Night Time