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Porous Plate

UNITIKA's porous plate is a water-absorbing material made of polyester fiber. We process polyester, which is hydrophobic by nature, by using our unique technique, to give the material high levels of water absorbency, sheet hardness, and machinability in a balanced manner.


  • High water absorbency
  • Excellent liquid transportation ability
  • Superb evaporation function
  • Antibacterial, antifungal, and other features can be added.
  • Material can be punched into any desired shapes.
  • High porosity
  • High shock resistance
  • High heat resistance

Product examples


Image : Humidification

Water-absorbing material made with UNITIKA's unique processing technology. A line of products of various thicknesses is available.
The material has excellent water absorbency and used in devices such as air-conditioning humidifiers.

Tip material for pens

Image : Tip material for pens

Easy to write with and highly durable, the material is used in water-based and permanent markers.


Image : Coaster

Excellent water absorbency makes the material suitable for use as coasters that absorb dew.

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