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Products List




  • Nylon 6 resin
    Used for automotive components as engineering plastics.
  • Nano-composite nylon
    Composite material with outstanding rigidity, heat resistance, and moldability.
  • Nylon 66 resin
    Nylon 66 resin offers outstanding heat resistance and hardness.
  • U-polymer
    Polyarylate resin industrialized for the first time in the world.
  • XecoT
    A high performance polyamide of plant origin and aromatic compounds by unique technology of UNITIKA.
  • Terramac (polylactic acid resin)
    Biomass materials have already made their way into daily life.
  • Unilate
    A sheet product made from polyester-based resin.
  • Elitel
    Functional resin that is used as the binder in thermal transfer ink ribbons etc.
  • Resin for PET bottles
    Resin for the PET bottles used for drinks.
  • PET resin
    A lightweight and strong PET resin with outstanding moldability.
  • U-imide
    Utilized in aerospace and electronics fields.
  • Encapsulation molding
    Development of an encapsulation molding technique enables the production of the world's smallest waterproof assemblies.
  • Recycled resin
    Thermoplastic resin that meets recycled plastic needs


Biomass-based material (Terramac)

Advanced Materials

Glass cloth

Glass beads

  • Unibeads
    Minute glass beads with diameters ranging from several microns to several millimeters.
  • Sparklite
    Retroreflective sheets mainly used for road signs.

Activated carbon fibers

  • AD'ALL
    Activated carbon fiber that is essential to air and water purification
  • Dexy Filter
    An activated carbon filter using Ad'll.
  • Dexy Sheet
    Special activated carbon fiber sheet that can remove offensive odors at the efficiency more than 3000 times that of commercially available Binchotan coal sheet.

Porous plate

  • Univeks SB
    Univeks SB is a high-performance porous plate.

Fibers & Textiles

Industrial materials

  • Fishing line
    A specialized fishing line which has been designed specifically for this purpose ever since its material was developed.
  • Radiation-shielding waterproof sheet
    Sheet that offers the performance of conventional waterproof sheets and tarpaulins while also offering shielding against radiation such as X-rays and γ-rays.
  • Safety net
    The lightest nets for use on land.
  • Segurova
    Segurova, designed for preventing river bank erosion, is made from polyester filament yarn.
    A nylon fiber made from the seeds of non-food, castor-oil plants.
  • Flame-retardant mesh sheet
    Mesh-form construction work sheet which exhibits outstanding flame retardation properties.
  • UGM
    Mesh sheets for use in civil engineering applications.
  • "Sunflora" tent material
    A fabric for tents, made from ultra-high-strength polyester filament yarn.
  • Permacare
    Used to fabricate truck covers/seat covers that resist dirt and which can be easily washed.
  • Masonry fall prevention net
    Unitika TRINEO is popular for fabricating the nets used to guard against falling masonry and concrete.
  • PVA for paper and asphalt roofing
    Unitika PVA has a track record of more than 50 years as the main constituent fibre of sliding-screen paper and facial tissues.
  • Green Eye Hyper
    Highly durable, wear- and weather-resistant. Has a long service life and a convincing texture.

Garments,lifestyle materials,bedding

Synthetic fiber
    Efficiently shields the wearer against heat, by blocking most visible and ultraviolet rays.
    Although highly resistant to water pressure, this material has excellent moisture permeability.
  • FLOR-M
    A material using copolymerized nylon, for use in low-temperature melt adhesion.
    Functional material that efficiently shields the wearer against the heat-carrying (infrared) rays of the sun, keeping the wearer cool.
  • Unitika Super Mewlon
    As a substitute for asbestos, Unitika PVA fibre has been used for slate-type roofing.
    A 100% plant-derived nylon fiber made from castor beans.
  • MoveFit
    Stretchy material using an elastic polymer.
  • Hygra-LU
    A nylon material with superior moisture absorption and release characteristics.
  • Hygra
    Controls moisture absorption and desorption with its core-in-sheath composite structure that features a special nylon-coated water-absorbent polymer.
  • Thermotron RadiPoka
    A highly heat-retentive material that utilizes the synergy of the conversion of sunlight to heat and the radiation of far-infrared rays.
  • Veldam
    The unique texture offers high elasticity and expandability.
  • Eswool
    A 100% polyester material, made of processed fibers with a unique structure created by Unitika technology, is lightweight and has a natural, warm appearance.
    Nylon-like silky material with a moist feel.
  • Protexa
    A line of high-dimensional safety materials for uniforms that includes a "highly visible material," "infection-prevention material," and "flame-retardant material."
Natural fiber
  • Palpa
    A standard multilayer yarn product developed over 30 years ago.
  • Mai-Houou
    The world's highest-standard ultrafine 240-count yarn, made from spun gold.
  • Airsoff
    A highly-effective odor elimination and wash-resistance process applied to products such as knit shirts, diaper covers, and nursing care goods.
  • Uniecolo
    A polyester fabric made from recycled PET bottles.
  • Tabacut
    A tobacco deodorizing process for clothing.
  • Unifresher
    SEK-approved anti-bacterial/odor-prevention finish that reduces the propagation of microbes and bacteria on fibers.
  • Eosy
    An anti-bacterial deodorizing process using chitosan and other natural components that are gentle to the skin.
  • Sylph
    An ecological, natural fiber made from pulp obtained from tree plantations.
  • Grezele
    A material with a smooth, crisp texture, comfortable dryness, and a clear look.
  • Ramco
    Super-long Indian cotton is used to make this high strength cotton material.
Uniforms, etc.
  • Stage Costumes
    SYMPHONIC is a dress that will beautifully light up the stage on the grandest of occasions.
  • School gymnastics uniform
    School sportswear styled with today's fashion.
  • Office uniform
    Unitika Trading offers a comprehensive range of office wear, with our activities ranging from designing and planning, through manufacture, to sales.
  • Caddie wear
    The "Caroline" line of golf caddie uniforms features innovative designs and materials.

Lifestyle materials, bedding

  • Fukipet
    A household cleaning cloth that doesn't require cleanser.
  • Towels
    Unitika Trading's towel operations cover all processes from raw materials to sales.
  • Super-luxurious comforter cover
    Superfine cotton yarn created by applying handmade-style spinning technology to Indian raw cotton, one of the world's best super-long cottons.
  • Comforter
    From tailor-made down quilts and a range of bedding products to the total coordination of interiors.
  • Ester comforter cotton wool
    Polyester comforter cotton wool.

Biomass-based material (Terramac)

  • Terramac
    Ideal for recycling food waste in that it can be buried with food waste and composted.