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Unique characteristics flourish in a niche market. Functional materials that satisfy new requirements

Glass cloth

Unitika provides a range of products using long glass fibers and composite materials. Highvalue added IC cloth meets the needs of IT-related fields in terms of quality and strategic product deployment. In the field of industrial materials, Unitika offers a wide variety of product groups including FRP, bag filters for refuse incinerators, construction sheets, waterproof ceiling materials, and fireproof screens. Glass cloth is also used for interior products or everyday products.

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Glass Fiber IC Cloth

Glass cloth for printed circuit boards. The very latest technologies are applied to the materials, fibers, and surface treatment, all of which showcase the level of our technologies.


Glass cloth processed to enable the impregnation or bonding of resin. This material is used to surface snowboards and similar items.

Road reinforcement cloth

Used as a base material for asphalt impregnation and as a resin lining base material. Applications include highway and bridge reinforcement and tunnel damage prevention.

Fire-resistant Screens

Lightweight and space-saving silica cloth fire-resistant screen shutters. Provides remarkably high fire-resistant performance with reduced risk of occupants becoming trapped.

Ceiling cloth for lighting diffusion

A resin-coated woven fabric designed to create a soft lighting effect. Its non-flammability helps prevent fires.

Filter cloth

Endures long-term exposure to high temperatures, so this material can be used in waste incinerators, coal-fired boilers, etc. This material is also used for the bag filters of the waste incinerators supported by the environmental division.

Tinkle railcar light covers

Glass cloth light covers introduced to satisfy subway fire prevention standards. This material does not release smoke or poisonous gases even when subjected to flame.