CSR Management

CSR Promotion System

Unitika has established a management system comprising the business divisions and committees for compliance, risk management, and other areas. We are moving forward with our CSR activities, such as environmental awareness and safety measures, mainly through the activities of these committees. Priority initiatives include those aimed at ensuring (1) the promotion of compliance, (2) environment, health, and safety (EHS) management, (3) product safety, (4) export control, and (5) information security management.

Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Management

Unitika’s Environment Committee and Central Safety and Sanitation Committee are organizations created to oversee environmental management, and health and safety management. The Environment Committee’s main functions are examining basic plans on environmentally-aware businesses and verifying their progress, discussing reports of results of environmental audits of production sites and Group companies done by the committee secretary, and discussing other major items related to the environment. The Central Safety and Sanitation Comm ittee discusses measures to prevent work-related accidents and other accidents and disasters, and discusses other major items related to health and safety.

These two committees are higher-level organizations that oversee the Environmental Safety Groups of individual Unitika production sites and Group companies. They play an important role in specifying and compiling Group policies, when lower-level organizations propose and implement measures reflecting their own unique circumstances.

Export Control

In the Unitika Group, export control managers appointed at our business sectors and group companies carry out the management of daily export operations under the Export Control Committee chaired by a director, based on the Export Control Regulations.

The committee administration supervises the situation while sharing informa tion among the managers regarding the management status within the group, as well as trends for the revision of laws and regulations, through the manager conference held regularly. Also, so as to enable employees to acquire the correct knowledge, each year we hold education on export control for those employees promoted to the person in charge; 21 employees participated in FY 2020.

Information Security Management

Unitika has established a management and operation system centered around the Information Security Committee.

This was created in order to outline a pproaches to ensuring the protection and effective use of personal information received from users and of information obtained in the course of doing business.

Regarding the protection of personal information, Unitika handles this in accordance with the laws and regulations, such as inspecting the information held and how it is handled, maintaining an d reviewing the organization and management systems, and taking comprehensive measures for security management.

Also, to respond to the risks and threats of cyber-attacks, which have been rising recently, we are using a vulnerabilities diagnostic service provided by a specialist institution, and implementing countermeasures including in the supply chain and at production sites in Japan and overseas. Unitika also strives to prevent accidents in our daily business operations through the enhancement of security devices against threats and risks, including targeted attacks, by raising awareness through in-house education.

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