Value Creation Process

Value Creation Process Value Creation Process

Aiming to be a company that is
continuously chosen, and contributing
to the creation of a sustainable society

Basic matters underlying the priority issues

  • Compliance
  • Strengthen governance
  • Ensure product safety and quality
  • Promote digital transformation

Our Philosophy

Contributing to society by connecting people’s
lives and technology

Business Model


  • Polymers
  • Performance Materials
  • Fibers & Textiles


  • Responsiveness to diverse needs
  • Global niche technologies and products
  • Domestic and global top share products
  • Seven core technologies
    Fibers and textiles technologies, Nonwoven fabric technologies, Film technologies, Polymerization technologies, Compound alloy technologies, Emulsion technologies, Analytical evaluation technologies


Preparing a business operation base
Medium-term management plan G-STEP30 1st

Values Provided

The three items listed here are “business-related priority issues,” which are a part of the priority issues(materiality). See "Priority Issues / Promotion of Sustainability" for other priorities. Sustainable Business Promotion Project Progress and Results

Desired Image (Long-term vision)

A company that is continuously chosen by customers

  • A company that contributes to society through manufacturing, and is trusted throughout the world
  • A company that creates new value with unique technology, and continues to grow sustainably
  • A company that increases corporate value and is evaluated highly by a wide range of stakeholders

Targets to be achieved by around 2030

Net sales2,000million yen

Operating profit200million yen

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