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Rebuilding Quality Assurance and a Management System

The Unitika Group has reflected on the inappropriate cases of quality management in certain products manufactured and sold by the Group (announced on August 28 and November 1, 2019). Subsequently, we regularly hold Quality Assurance Committee meetings with the President as the Committee Chairman, and are working on strengthening our governance as ways to prevent the recurrence of such cases. In July 2020, we also newly set up the Corporate Management Division to control quality assurance, risk management, and legal affairs; this has strengthened our Group-wide functions. We are making efforts to familiarize workers involved in quality assurance with the Guidelines for Quality Assurance, and conducting quality assurance training. Furthermore, the Quality Assurance Office is also conducting ongoing quality audits on the quality assurance organizations of each department, and monitoring the state of quality assurance.

As we move forward with reforming corporate culture and awareness, we are also working to ensure employees know to “prioritize quality over cost and speedy delivery” as is specified in the Unitika Group Quality Policies, and to establish an overall understanding of compliance including quality assurance and an awareness of norms.

All executive officers and employees in the Unitika Group will continue to work on preventing recurrence, while we steadily implement these measures.

Measures to prevent recurrence
  1. Strengthen the Group governance system and review the Unitika Group Code of Conduct, etc.
  2. Improve organizations and mechanisms
  3. Education
  4. Review standards
  5. Improve the reliability of test and inspection results
  6. Understand the real situation early on
  7. Improve the quality assurance system and reform corporate culture

Unitika Group Quality Policies

  • With our value of “prioritizing quality over cost and speedy delivery,” the Unitika Group provides products that our customers can use safely and with peace of mind.
  • We comply with the laws and regulations concerning products and services, and adhere to the agreements we have with our customers.
  • To meet quality requirements, we build quality into our products through repeated verifying and testing during design, development, and manufacturing.
  • We continually maintain our quality assurance system, and work to improve quality.

Ensuring Product Safety

Unitika has established the Product Safety Management Regulations designed to ensure that we always offer safe products to our customers. These safety management regulations contain detailed provisions on areas such as basic policy, responsibility areas, implementation systems, and bylaws on the implementation and application of manual procedures. Unitika and Unitika Group companies work to ensure that product manufacturing and sales are carried out safely and in compliance with these regulations.

Information on the claims which may bring about an accident is shared by the Quality Assurance Committee and the Central Committee on Product Liability, and such information is used to prevent the recurrence of repeated claims, etc.

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