Relationship with Partners

Unitika Purchasing Policy

Unitika’s purchasing departments will engage in transparent and fair procurement practices that meet personal and community standards. They will uphold our duty as a company to engage in responsible procurement practices, placing emphasis on CSR activities.

Purchasing Policy

1.Legal Compliance

When executing purchasing activities, the Company will comply with laws and community standards, engaging in transparent, fair procurement practices and aiming to be a good corporate citizen.

2.Harmony With Environment

When procuring products or services, the Company will value environmental awareness a nd t he preservation of safety, endeavoring to purchase products and rawmaterials of low environmental impact.

3.Respect for Human Rights; Improving Working Environments

When engaging in purchasing activities, the Company will respect human rights and ensure that all forms of prejudice are eliminated when work is executed. The Company will make efforts to ensure health and safety, and to improve work environments.

4.Partners (CSR Aspects)

The Company will aim to create better partnerships, and ask partners to:

  • A. Comply with legal and community standards
  • B. Work on activities to preserve the environment and to ensure safety
  • C. Respect human rights; value efforts to improve working environments
  • D. Endeavor to ensure appropriate quality/prices and reliably on-time delivery, and to maintain and improve products ansde rvices
  • E. Abide by our chemicals management guidelines
    Additionally, cooperate in surveys and reports related to them

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