• UNITIKA Advanced Materials UNITIKA Advanced Materials

Our high performance glass beads are active in everyone's life, taking advantage of the spherical glass feature. They are used to shine a white line in a dark street at night, to make children's shoes and bags light, to make paint, to improve the appearance and strength of plastic parts···. We do not usually notice it easily but our glass beads brighten your life with "Technology x Imagination".


  • UNIBEADS 'L Series' for Road Marking of image

    “L Series” for Road Marking

    Used for various road markings, Useful for traffic safety by increasing visibility at night.

  • UNIBEADS 'UF Series' for High Intensive Road Marking of image

    “UF Series” for High Intensive Road Marking

    Maintaining the visibility on the road surface, especially at night in rainy weather.

  • UNIBEADS 'M Series' for Reflective Cloth of image

    “M Series” for Reflective Cloth

    Suitable for open type retro-reflective material, and applied for safety vest, sports shoes and clothing.

  • UNIBEADS 'NH Series' for Reflective Sheet of image

    “NH Series” for Reflective Sheet

    Suitable for closed type retroreflective material, and used for traffic sign, car license plate.

  • UNIBEADS for Blasting of image

    Media for Blasting

    Used for soft blasting because the subject surface is not excessively worn out more than necessary, applied for matte processing, cleaning and shot-peening process.

  • UNIBEADS for Grinding and Dispersion of image

    Media for Grinding and Dispersion

    Various crushing and dispersing are possible in many industries with abundant particle size. Also capable of using low-alkali type with high wear resistance, low alkali elution.

  • UNIBEADS for Filler of image

    Filler for Plastic

    With spherical shape, excellent filling, fluidity, high dimensional stability when applying on plastic molded production. Also excellent, transparency, heat and chemical resistance and electrical characteristics.

  • High-Precision UNIBEADS of image

    High Precision Spheres

    Used as spacer or standard particle having extremely sharp particle size distribution. Suitable for the application where heat resistance, load capacity and electrical insulation are required.

  • Trial Production of Glass Beads Spheroidizing of image

    Trial Production of Glass Beads Spheroidizing

    Available on spheroidization of various types of glass after receiving information on glass characteristics, chemical composition, etc.