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Civil Engineering Materials

Our products, which take advantage of the features of polyester Spunbond nonwoven fabric, are used widely in the field of civil engineering.

  • Roads

    Superb water permeability and filter performance make our nonwovens useful for road pavement.

  • Port and Harbor Works

    It's widely used as erosion control sheet, and also approved technically by one of standards of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation.

  • Soft Grounds

    As a separation or filtration sheet between embankment and soft ground, it is used for soft ground stabilization.

  • Industrial Waste Final Disposal Site

    We have developed protective mats for use in Industrial Waste Final Disposal Site.

  • Weed control / Root control

    Here are weed control sheets that save labor in weeding work and sheets best suited to root control.

  • Ground Drainage

    Superb water permeability prevents water from pooling in the ground.

  • ELEVES as Capping Sheet

    Capping sheets with superb strength at jointed area and excellent gas permeability are available.

  • Embankment

    To prevent an unexpected landslide, our perfomanced of drainage and high tensile strength makes for ideal embankment reinforcement materials.

  • Golf Courses

    With their unique water permeability, our nonwovens are best suited for use in golf courses including sand bunkers.

  • Specifications and properties

    This table shows the specifications and properties of our civil engineering materials.

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