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Spunbond Consumer Products

Daily Commodities

Tea bags

ELEVES and TERRAMAC are used in tea bags, taking advantage of the water permeability that these nonwovens provide when made into thin sheets. The fabric can easily be sealed to form a bag.

Image : Tea bags

Head rest covers

TERRAMAC, an eco-friendly fabric made from plant-derived material, is used in head rest covers. In applications where products are used only for a short period of time, the use of biomass-based fabric is an effective environmentally-conscious solution. What's more in some cases, this particular product is incinerated as waste to produce heat to use as energy ("Waste-to-energy") after collection, making it even more environment-friendly.

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Image : Head rest covers

Disposable wet towels

Our Cotton Spunlace, made of 100% natural material, is used to produce environmentally-conscious disposable wet towels. Unlike pulp and rayon nonwovens, this product makes the most of the strength of cotton to provide a nice feel of wiping. Disposable wet towels made of Cotton Spunlace are used in restaurants and many other applications.

Image : Disposable wet towels

Filter bags

Thin sheets with water permeability are ideal for catching only food scraps and used as filter bags for the kitchen sink. Our nonwovens can easily be sealed, and the polyester-made core provides sufficient strength even when they are in the form of a thin sheet.

Image : Filter bags

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