XecoT® ゼコット®

"XecoT" is an aromatic polyamide resin which has overwhelming performance based on Unitika's original polymerization and compound technology. High crystallinity has been achieved by creating homo structure described above. High heat resistance, low moisture absorption, great sliding performance, which have been derived from its high crystallinity. XecoT are made by the biomass material.

Heat resistant
Abrasion resistance
Chemical resistance
Gas barrier property
Electrical characteristic
Molding cycle
XecoT™ PA9T PA6T
1) GF30% reinforced 2) GF30~35% reinforced, Suzuki method 1.5m/s, 20N/min. Step load 3) 50% Sulfuric acid aqueous solution, immersion at room temperature, 1 week 4) 1mmt, E10, 65°C 5) GF30% reinforced 6) Tm-35℃, Isothermal crystallization peak time

1. Heat resistance

Due to Unitika's special high polymerization technology, "XecoT" has high melting point(Tm), high crystallinity and other overwhelming performance than other crystalline resins. Compared with the other high heat crystalline resin such as PPS or other aromatic nylon, it has a definite advantage and great features such as reflow heat resistance and mechanical property at high temperatures.
It has following effect;
Excellent creep characteristic around automobile engine room under the physical load (intake and exhaust systems) at high temperatures. Reducing the blister during reflow in electrical and electronic applications.

[ Heat resistance comparison ]

glaf : Heat resistance comparison (Melting point)

[ Tensile strength at high temperature comparison ]

glaf : Tensile strength at high temperature comparison

2. Low water absorption

Water absorption of "XecoT" is lower than other nylons.
Change in physical properties due to water absorption is rarely observed, which means the dimensional change can be greatly reduced.

[ Water absorption rates comparison ]

glaf : Water absorption rates comparison

<Water absorption test method>

Test temperature 23°C
Test time 24h
Test condition underwater
Specimen size 4mmt

3. High Lubricate property

"XecoT" is the material which is low friction and abrasion. We also have high lubrication grade, which can be used in parts required high lubrication like gear and bearing-retainer parts.

[ Friction and abrasion property ]

glaf :


<Abrasion Test Method>

Standard JIS K7218
(Suzuki method abrasion test)
Temperature At room Temperature
Test speed 500mm/sec
Test load 0.25MPa
Test distance 5.4km
The otherside material Metal(S45C)

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