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Sep 24, 2020

Regarding of the development of “Palpa Made With Sorona® polymer”, optimizing “Sorona®“ by DuPont de Numours Inc.

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Unitika Trading Co., Ltd has succeeded in developing a new spun yarn, “Palpa Made With Sorona® polymer”. It applies the partially bio-based Poly Trimethylene Terephthalate (PTT) resin, “Sorona®” made by DuPont Specialty Products and Unitika Trading’s unique multi-layer yarn technology, “Palpa Formula”.

According to UNFCCC, 10% of the greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the fashion industry which comes in second only after the oil industry. Unitika Trading has been incorporating SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) from an early stage and has come up with concrete measures for the topics that concern all textile manufacturers namely energy, water, and harmful chemical substances.
Furthermore, climate change countermeasures and the promotion of circular economy are indispensable as the spread of new coronavirus causes major changes in people’s lifestyles and corporate activities around the world.

DuPontTM Sorona® polymer is a PTT resin which contains 37% plant origin ingredients developed by the biotechnology of DuPontTM and minimizes the impact on the environment without sacrificing quality and performance. Sorona® polymer offers unique performance benefits for the apparel industry, including excellent softness, stretch and recovery.

UnitikaTM “Palpa” is a multi-layer yarn that uses polyester for the core and cotton for the sheath. It has the softness of cotton as well as the high-strength properties of a polyester blend, and is more resistant to wrinkling than cotton and has excellent wash recovery. It is also superior in water absorption, quick drying and static electricity control even compared to polyester.

“Palpa Made With Sorona® polymer” is a new material developed by both companies to complement each other's technology and achieve the goal of a sustainable society and a comfortable life for people in partnership.
The material combines the best features of PTT fibers. It has a certain amount of elasticity and firmness, yet it has a softer feel to it and its good stretchability ensures a comfortable wearability of the final product. This environmentally friendly and functional material reduces our impact on the global environment and enhances people’s lives with its improved easy-care properties, quick-drying water absorption and pilling performance.

Additionally, Unitika Trading joins the “Sorona® Common Thread Fabric Certification Program” and expands its sales of “Palpa Made With Sorona® polymer” in the global market with the certified brand of “Sorona® Luxe”.

As noted above, Unitika Trading is going to introduce “Palpa Made With Sorona® polymer” into a wide range of fields, from fibers for garment uses to household goods as a stress-free comfortable material with reliable environmental performance.

Summary of multi-layer yarn “Palpa Made With Sorona® polymer”Image


(1) Soft hand-feel

(2) Comfortable due to less tight feeling

(3) Stretchable

(4) Water-absorption and quick-dry

(5) Anti-pilling

(6) Easy-care



Yarns, textiles (both woven and knitted) and garments (both OEM and ODM)


Fibers for garment uses (sports, outdoor, uniform and ladies and men’s fashion) and household goods

5.Promotional channels

Owned promotional channels and web sales

6.Expected release date

November, 2020

7.Sales goal

First year: Three hundred million JP Yen

Second year: Ten billion JP Yen

Third year: Twenty billion JP Yen

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