Polymer technologies—the core of our business operations.
Covering the needs of the future in the areas of films and plastics.

Unitika has established itself as a pioneer of modern industry and has since grown into a manufacturer of functional materials. The key behind our operations to date lies in our polymer technologies.
Unitika has established two major business areas: films and plastics. These areas are closely related to our polymer technologies, integrating ever-changing state-of-the-art technologies based on our long history and experience in this field.
Unitika will continue to promote activities that give rise to new solutions through products that aim to be No.1 in terms of quality.


The world’s leading nylon films for food packaging.
Unitika’s film lineup includes top share nylon films, developed based on the world’s first simultaneous biaxially orientation method and polyester films, designed using unique technologies to suit distinctive applications. Unitika has developed and been producing a range of cutting-edge products, including gas barrier films for packaging materials and high heat-resistant films for electronic applications by strengthening collaboration among the marketing team, R&D group, and production division.
As the global leading Nylon film manufacturer supplying products from the factories in Japan and Indonesia, Unitika is aiming to further expand their footprints in European and North American markets as well as Asian market by focusing on the development of specialty films.

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Films Division


Unitika is currently promoting a global niche strategy in the field of plastics. It currently has its sights set on the global market for engineering plastics and is focusing on the Asian market for liquid, non-molded materials. Based on our highly unique “U-Polymer”, Unitika is seeking further collaboration with its partner companies to reinforce its development, production and sales framework in the area of engineering plastics as it aims to expand from applications in the rapidly changing automotive industry into energy and aerospace applications. A key priority for us will be to keep our finger on the pulse of the market and deliver necessary products that will form the “standard”.

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Plastics Division

Biomass-based material(Terramac)

“Terramac” is a biomass material made from the starch found in corn etc. It is currently attracting attention as an eco-material with no load on the global environment to replace oil-based plastics. Unitika is developing “Terramac” in a range of forms, including textiles, spunbond fabric and resins etc.

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