Arrowbase—Unitika's modified polyolefin resin emulsion—exhibits excellent adhesion to metallic materials and materials that are difficult to bond to, such as polyethylene and polypropylene. Arrowbase is an innovative aqueous dispersion of a modified polyolefin resin containing no surfactant—a type of polyolefin resin that serves as a coating. Arrowbase is finding wide use in applications where conventional materials are unsuitable and where the impact on the environment must be minimized, thus contributing to the development of numerous new products.


1. Environmentally friendly

Arrowbase has minimal impact on the environmental because it is a water-based material that does not contain aromatic solvents such as toluene.

2. Adhesiveness to various substrates

Arrowbase adheres to a wide variety of materials, including PE, PP, EVA, PET, nylon 6, and other plastic films (corona and non-corona surfaces), PC, ABS, PPS, rubber, glass, and various metals (copper, aluminum, and galvanized metal). It adheres to numerous types of substrates in a well-balanced manner, regardless of whether they are polar or nonpolar. The word "adheres" as used here means that Arrowbase does not peel off in adhesive tape peel testing.

3. Chemically resistant coating

The coating formed by Arrowbase is not only water-resistant but also highly resistant to chemicals, including acids, alkalis, and solvents (Table 1). For example, the coating does not dissolve or change in appearance even in a harsh acidic environment where it is immersed in 80 wt% phosphoric acid at 70°C for 5 hours, or in a harsh alkaline environment where it is immersed in a 40 wt% potassium hydroxide solution at 60°C for 3 days.

Table 1: Acid and alkali resistance of the coating

  Condition Appearance of coating
Acid resistance 80 wt% phosphoric acid No change
Alkali resistance 40wt% KOH
No change

4. Workable coating

Arrowbase coatings are highly workable and flexible, and can be shaped and worked after they are applied to various substrates (Table 2). In a cupping test, for example, the coating does not crack or peel off the substrate at an indentation depth of 7 mm. In addition, the coating does not crack even when its surface is stretched by a factor of 10

Table 2: Workability and stretchability of the coating

Evaluation item Workability
(Metal plate)
(PET film)
Arrowbase coating > 7mm > 10 times