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Unitika SPARKLITE promotes;

SPARKLITE will retro-reflect the projected ray very precisely, then all the applications
must be utilized with this retro-reflective function. The reflective materials of Unitika Sparklite is being oriented for the angle characteristic in the designing of material structure, even the observation angle and the incident angle was come to large, its brightness is held as much as possible.

Even the position of eye and light were out of alignment, or the reflective material goes to the parallel position to the light, it could be visible. Its wider visible range of SPARKLITE can be used for safety related traffic signs and advertising media.

Image : Unitika SPARKLITE promotes;

European Standard ; EN ISO20471

EN ISO20471 is one of the legislations on industrial products enacted in Europe for the evasion of risk, and specifies the requirement for the highly visible protective clothing for professional use.
The object of this highly visible clothing can be determined visually for the existence of people work in the potentially hazardous environment.
The evasion from danger or risk can be provided by using fluorescent materials and retro-reflective materials provided on protective clothing. Therefore, performance requirement are stipulated in various conditions such as severe climate, twilight, dark, and daytime.
EN ISO20471 demands the color of fabric and its fastness as well as durability and minimum areas and placement of retro-reflective materials The requirement of EN ISO20471 is classified into three levels of protection.

Image : European Standard ; EN ISO20471

3 Classes of Highly Visible Clothing

Color : Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Red. Other Colors are not to be used.
Retro-Reflective Materials: must hold the minimum CD brightness after test on Rainfall Performance/Temperature Variation/Abrasion/Cold Folding/Flexing/Washing and etc.

Class 3:
Highest Level of Visibility

Full length sleeves with 2 horizontal circular bands on each sleeve for highest level of visibility on all movements of human body.

  • Fluorescent material ≥ 0.8m²
  • Retro-reflective material ≥ 0.2m²

Image : Class 3: Highest Level of Visibility

Class 2 :
Intermediary Visibility Level

Higher visibility on body part

  • Fluorescent material ≥ 0.5m²
  • Retro-reflective material ≥ 0.13m²

Image : Class 2 : Intermediary Visibility Level

Class 1 :
Lowest Level of Visibility

Minimum requirement of visibility not to blended into the landscape in working environment.

  • Fluorescent material ≥ 0.14m²
  • Retro-reflective material ≥ 0.10m²
  • Or
  • Combined material with Fluorescent and Retro-reflective ≥ 0.20m²

Image : Class 1 : Lowest Level of Visibility

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