EMBLET™ (Packaging/Industrial application)

EMBLET™ product list

Type Brand Thickness
Treatment Characteristics
Inner side Outer side
Standard PET 12 Corona   A standard type which can be used for almost all applications.
25 Corona  
Enhanced laminatie adheision(Chemically treated type) PTM 12 Chemical
  It has a chemically treatment side that is compatible with a variety of inks and can provide higher lamination strength compared with standard type.
16 Chemical
Antistatic PTME 12 Chemical
  PTM-based film with antistatic property.
Effectively used for flour food application and for protection against dust adhesion.
Matte PTH 12 Corona   Matte-type with a haze of 20%. Effectively used as base film metalized with aluminum vapor deposition.
PTHZ 12 Corona   Matte-type with a haze of 50%.
Straight cut PC 12 Corona   MD-direction straight cut property.


Thickness(µm) Width(mm) Cardboard core
12 500 or more
(20mm pitch)
3 inches
16, 25 500 or more
(20mm pitch)

*When desiring specifications other than the above, extra processing costs will be incurred.

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