UNITIKA packaging film and industrial film

UNITIKA FILMPackaging Films / Industrial Films

UNITIKA FILM produces biaxially oriented polyamide (BOPA, Nylon) film and polyester (PET) film for packaging and industrial application to satisfy the needs of various fields.
We are working for years to develop new high quality products and provided functional films such as high gas barrier films, linear tearing films for easy open and heat resistant film. The advanced and unique technology of production base in Japan and Indonesia will meet the expectation from global market for quality and performance.

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Packaging Films

Packaging Films of UNITIKA consist of BOPA film (Nylon film) ‘EMBLEM’, PET film ‘EMBLET’ and functional films such as gas barrier films based on BOPA or PET film.
Films are applied for not only food but also a wide range of packages such as toiletry, healthcare and transportation.
‘EMBLEM’ is the world’s first commercialized BOPA film and the production volume is one of the largest in the world. The property of toughness and flexibility are expanding the application of BOPA film.

It is 50th anniversary of

It is thanks to you that we were able to come this far.

EMBLEM was developed based on the world’s first simultaneous biaxial orientation method in 1968. Its market share grew to the top. We appreciate your support and business for over 50 years.

As the global leading Nylon film manufacturer supplying products from the factories in Japan and Indonesia, Unitika is aiming to further expand their footprints in European and North American markets as well as Asian market with high quality.


Industrial Films

Industrial films of UNITIKA consist of biaxially oriented polyester film‘EMBLET’, silicone-free release film and super heat resistance polyamide film.’EMBLET’ has Well-balanced standard film and kneaded matte film.
Our films are used in a wide range of industrial material such as cover film for semiconductor and flat panel display, base film for adhesive tapes, and manufacturing process film for rubber and building.

History of UNITIKA Film


Beginningstart of development of BOPA film


The testing machine for simultaneous biaxial orientation method was set


Commercialized BOPA film business with the brand name "EMBLEM"


8.7 Installment of the 1st "EMBLEM" line was completed


Exhibited "EMBLEM" at Pack-Expo in London


Exhibited "EMBLEM" at Pack-Expo in New York


Starting PVdC coted BOPA "EMBLEM-DC" production


SPSJ (The Society of Polymer Science, Japan) Award with "EMBLEM"


Starting PVdC coted BOPA "EMBLEM"DCR production

1980 - 90s

expansion phase
Expanded domestic production capacity to

Starting Chemical treated BOPA "EMBLEM"ONM production


Starting BOPET "EMBLET" production


Starting Co-extrusion Multi-layer Barrier film "EMBLON" production


P. T. EMBLEM ASIA was established in Indonesia


P. T. EMBLEM ASIA expanded production capacity to 9,000t/y


Acquisition of Barrier film business "SEVIX" from Sumito Chemical Industry Company limited.

Reinforcing the development of functional grades

Developed Silicone-free release BOPET film "Unipeel"


Developed High heat resistant polyamide film

Globalization phase

Expanded overseas production capacity to 26,500t/y

group production capacity grew to 51,500t/y in total

Developed High barrier BOPA film "HG"


P. T. EMBLEM ASIA expanded production capacity to 16,500t/y


Announced production capacity expansion of P. T. EMBLEM ASIA to 26,500t/y is expected to be completed in 2020


50th anniversary of UNITIKA "EMBLEM"

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