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Precautions regarding inquiries
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The company is closed on holidays such as weekends, public holidays, and year-end/New Year holidays. Incomming inquiries on these holidays will be processed during the following business days.
Depending on the contents of the inquiry, it may take some time before a response can be given.
Depending on the contents of the inquiry, a response may be given via telephone or FAX, etc.
The answers for inquiries are sent from the company exclusively to each customer and are for private use only.
When making an inquiry, our “Terms of Use” are applied. When a customer sends a message from this inquiry page, it is considered that the customer agrees with our “Terms of Use”.

For more details, please check our “Terms of Use”.

Handling of personal information
The personal information entered by a customer will be used within the scope necessary to respond to the inquiry.
Depending on the details of the inquiry, in addition to responding by email, contact may also be made by telephone, etc., in order to make an appropriate response. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Unitika shall implement security measures for its security management against unauthorized access or disclosure in order to prevent the leaking, loss, and destruction of the personal information obtained. In addition to this, Unitika shall properly train the employees who handle personal information.

For more details, please check the Unitika Privacy Policy.