EMBLEM™ (Packaging application)

Demand and application for EMBLEM have primarily expanded in the food packaging field due to the benefits of its excellent pinhole resistance and breakage resistance.

EMBLEM is a biaxially oriented polyamide film that was developed by our unique orientation technology.
EMBLEM has higher pinhole resistance and toughness than any other plastic films used for food packaging applications.
In addition to the standard type, we offer a series of types that have various functions such as enhanced laminate adhesion (chemically treated type), antistatic, straight cut, and barrier coated type, satisfying a wide variety of needs.

Features of EMBLEM™ ON

  1. Pinhole resistance (piercing, abrasion, flexing)
  2. Cold and heat resistance
  3. Oil and chemical resistance
  4. Processability for converting
  5. Puncture resistance