Silicone-free release film

Silicone-free release film


  1. Unipeel for production processing.
  2. Various types of releasability; from medium to heavy peel strength.
  3. Exhibits stable releasability in a range from room temperature to 180°C.
  4. Epoxy, polyimide, acrylic varnishes, or other solution can be coated on the release layer.


Unipeel can be used as a separator of adhesive tape, process film for substrates and capacitors including epoxy resin or polyimide, film for transfer foils, manufacturing process film for urethane rubber, silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, and other uses.


Unipeel has various types of releasability; from Grade I (medium peel strength) to Grade III (heavy peel strength). In addition, it is resistant to various types of solvents.



<Test method>
Tape: NITTO DENKO 31B tape
Pretreatment condition: 70°C × 20h × 2kPa
Peeling speed: 300mm/min.
Peeling angle: 180°

[Releasability to various counterpart materials]


<Test method>
Pretreatment condition: 70°C × 20h × 2kPa (NITTO DENKO 31B tape and NICHIBAN LP24 tape) 90°C × 70min. × 1.5MPa (Epoxy Prepreg)
Peeling speed: 300mm/min.
Peeling angle: 180°

[Solvent resistance]


Unipeel was immersed in various types of solvents at room temperature for one day and subsequently dried. Its peel strength was measured to evaluate the change of the releasability before and after immersion.

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