EMBLET™ (Packaging/Industrial application)

EMBLET™ - Packaging application -

It has well-balanced properties and is utilized in a broad range of areas.

EMBLET is a biaxially oriented polyester (hereinafter referred to as "PET") film that was developed by our orientation and material technologies.
It has well-balanced properties of excellent mechanical strength, dimensional stability, heat resistance, and processability.
In addition to the standard type, EMBLET provides a wide variety of brands with various functions such as enhanced laminate adhesion, antistatic, straight cut, matte, vapor deposition, and PVDC (polyvinylidene chloride resin) coated films, and can be used in a broad range of applications including food packaging.

Features of EMBLET™

  1. Mechanical property
  2. Oil and chemical resistance
  3. Dimensional stability
  4. Processability
  5. Cold and heat resistance


EMBLET™ - Industrial application -

The high performance properties of EMBLET broaden the range of application for biaxially oriented PET films.

Needs for PET films have increasingly grown with the sophistication and diversification of products, components, and materials in industrial areas.
Unitika’s "EMBLET" is a functional PET film that was created using our unique material technology and high-level film orienting technique.
Well-balanced excellent properties play an active role in a wide variety of industrial applications.

Features of EMBLET™

  1. Electrical insulation
  2. Dimensional stability
  3. Processability
  4. Mechanical strength
  5. Heat and cold resistance

Product list (Industrial application) Plane grade Product list (Industrial application) Processing grade