UNITIKA offers a line of functional materials that have derived from its unique development efforts, such as activated carbon fibers employed for a vast range of applications from consumer products to systems affecting the global environment and porous plate with high water absorbency. All these products, developed on the basis of the polymer and fiber technologies that we have amassed over the years, reflect our superb technological prowess and creativity and are used in various areas.


Activated Carbon Fibers
- Liquid Phase Applications (Water Purification/Surface Treatment Liquid Cleaning) -

We offer various types of filters customized according to each client’s requirements by using our activated carbon fibers.

Some of ACF product components are certified by NSF/ANSI 42.

Activated Carbon Fibers
- Gas Phase Applications (Deodorization/VOC Adsorption) -

The use of activated carbon fiber for air purification enables rapid adsorption and low pressure loss.

Porous Plate (Air-conditioning humidifier/drain water treatment)

The water absorbing material made of polyester fiber has excellent absorbency, diffusibility, and evaporation ability.