The history of Unitika's nonwoven fabric business began in 1972 when the company developed polyester spunbond.
Today, we devote our development efforts not only on industrial materials, consumer products and agricultural materials but on a wider range of materials from spunbond nonwoven fabrics suitable for civil engineering and construction to spunlace nonwoven fabrics mainly intended for sanitary materials and cosmetic products, environment-conscious nonwoven fabrics made of biomass materials and recycled materials.
The UNITIKA Nonwovens Division intends to continue to expand its field of activity as a excellent and specialty nonwoven fabric manufacturer.



  • MARIX™


    High strength and superior weather resistance make this product suitable for a wide range of applications including industrial and construction materials.



    Excellent for stiffness and heat-molding.

  • Needle Punched MARIX

    Needle Punched MARIX

    The needle-punched fabric with outstanding strength and durability is used in civil engineering applications.

  • Recycled Needle Punched MARIX

    Recycled Needle
    Punched MARIX

    Polyester spunbond non woven fabric made of recycled materials.

  • Coarse Denir MARIX

    Coarse Denir MARIX

    Made of filaments having a special structure, this high functionality nonwoven fabric offers excellent stiffness and permeability.

  • MARIX for agricultural usage

    MARIX for agricultural usage

    Top brand nonwoven fabric for agricultural interior screens in greenhouses and raising of young rice that Unitika developed for the first time in the world for agricultural applications.



    High-performance nonwoven fabric made of polyester-polyethylene bi-component fibers with excellent heat seal performance and strength.



    Lower melthing point PE is used.

  • ELEVES for agricultural usage

    ELEVES for agricultural usage

    Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric for agricultural row coverings that meets all kinds of needs including frost protection and light quality change.



    Biomass-based fabric made from plants that decomposes back to soil. Its biodegradability enables the product to be used in unique applications.