Unitika focuses on engineering plastics, including U-polymer, an industry-standard super engineering plastic, nano-composite nylon, which plays an important role in the engineering plastic field, and Terramac, a biomass material.

Additionally, in our plastic molding business, we utilize special plastic molding techniques, such as plastic encapsulation molding, to help our customers develop plastic products.


  • Nylon Resin

    Nylon Resin

    With the excellent properties and based on UNITIKA's proprietary high-level polymer technologies accumulated in its long history of production, UNITIKA nylon resins have grown to be the engineering plastics most familiar in our daily life.

  • Polyarylate resin

    Polyarylate resin

    A representative product of Unitika's polyarylate resin is the super engineering plastic "U polymer", which is used in a variety of applications such as precision equipment, automobiles, machinery, medical care, food and daily necessities. In addition, we have newly developed “Unifyr” and “Unifyr Film”, which are transparent and have higher heat resistance than conventional polyarylate resins.

  • XecoT™


    "XecoT" is an aromatic polyamide resin which has overwhelming performance based on Unitika's original polymerization and compound technology.

  • Arrowbase


    Arrowbase—Unitika's modified polyolefin resin emulsion—exhibits excellent adhesion to metallic materials and materials that are difficult to bond to, such as polyethylene and polypropylene.

  • elitel


    UNITIKA elitel resins are thermoplastic saturated copolymeric polyester resins.



    "UNILATE™" is a series of plate materials for which polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resins compounded with glass staple fibers, inorganic fillers, and such are extruded into sheets and then laminated and heat-pressed.



    TERRAMAC is named by combining "TERRA" meaning "earth" or "mother earth" and "MAC" meaning "Son" in Latin. The name, TERRAMAC, expresses "children (sons) of the mother earth" and carries an image of the "products friendly to the earth and loved by all animate being".

  • Polyester


    Unitika offers a line of polyester resins suitable for a variety of molding methods.

  • U-Imide


    U-Imide Varnish is a polyimide precursor solution developed by Unitika.




    UNITIKA make a proposal to reduce costs of metallic colored parts by NANOCON compounds with metallic appearance.

  • Foamilon™


    Foamilon™ has grant viscosity, crystallinity and fluidity optimum for injection foam molding by unique blending technique.



    With UNITIKA original compound technics, this Nylon resin can be used for various blow moldings.

  • AT Series

    AT Series - Antistatic Coating Agents

    The AT Series coating agents (water-dispersed type) offer excellent antistatic properties even at low humidity and have excellent transparency, adhesion to substrates, and stability over time.

Please be careful of counterfeit Unitika Group products

Dear Customers,

We would like to thank you for your continued patronage of Unitika Group products.

The matter at hand is that we have confirmed counterfeit Unitika Group products are circulating recently in places such as the Chinese market. Although aspects such as the brand name and packaging closely resemble Unitika Group’s products, the performance and quality of these counterfeit items is quite different, and not only do they infringe upon the rights of Unitika Group, they can also cause great damage to the safety of customers who use them and to the company’s brand image.

For our part, Unitika Group is strengthening countermeasures such as dealing with handlers to eliminate counterfeit goods, and we ask that customers please purchase Unitika Group products through legitimate sales channels. If problems arise due to matters such as the quality of these counterfeit items, please understand that Unitika Group cannot address these issues.

If you have any questions concerning the purchase or examination of Unitika Group products, please contact the appropriate Unitika Group sales division.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.