Nylon Resin

Nano-Composite Nylon6

Environmental Properties

  • Water-Absorbing Speed

    The water-absorbing speeds of nylon resins at 23°C in water are compared in Figure 5. The water-absorbing speed of nanocomposite M1030DH is quite smaller than that of a regular nylon A1030JR, and thus M1030DH is more stable to water.

    Figure 5. Water-absorbing speed

    Water-Absorbing Speed

  • Water Absorption and Dimensional Change

    The relationship between the water absorption and the dimensional change is shown in Figure 6. M1030DH resin exhibits a small dimensional change by absorbing water, much smaller than an inorganic-fillered nylon A3130. Nonocomposite nylon resins are excellent in dimensional stability.

    Figure 6. Water Absorption and Dimensional Change (Flow Direction)

    Water Absorption and Dimensional Change

Heat Aging Property

The heat aging properties of nylon resins are shown in Figures 7 and 8 (100°C and 120°C). M1030DH resin is superior in heat aging property to A1030JR.

Figure 7. Heat aging property (100°C) Figure 8. Heat aging property (120°C)

Heat Aging Property