Nylon Resin

RUN series


RUN series resins are a new type of nylon resins prepared by blending a reinforcing material densely into a base polymer alloy consisting of both crystalline and amorphous nylons. The RUN series resins are composite materials only of UNITIKA own that are improved in "bending resistance and appearance", frequently found problems in conventional glass-reinforced resins, made available by UNITIKA's proprietary polymer alloying technology, and have well-balanced properties suitable for use in applications including the automobile, electric/electronic, and machinery parts.

Basic Characteristics

  • 1. Good appearance(superior in surface glossiness and fewer in the number of sink marks)
  • 2. High-rigidity
  • 3. High warping resistance
  • 4. Low water absorption(mechanical property and dimensional stability)
  • 5. Excellent chemical, heat, and water resistances
  • 6. Excellent weather (light) resistance, appearance,
    and stability of the properties and appearance
    (weather (light)-resistant grade)

Characteristics in molding

  • 1. Products with good appearance may be produced in molds at relatively low temperature
    (down to 80°C).
  • 2. The resins excel in flowability, allowing production of the products with good appearance.
  • 3. The resins provide molded products fewer in the number of warps and twists and excellent in dimensional accuracy.
  • 4. Different from other polyester resins, it is not necessary to control the molding condition strictly for prevention of hydrolysis.