Polyarylate resin

U polymer

T series resins (transparent high heat resistant grade)

Technical Data

Heat resisitance of each transparent resins

Maximum glass transition temperature of 265°C
Heat resistance of various plastics

T series is an amorphous matrial with high heat resistance which exceeds resins such as PEI or PES.
Depending on the conditions, there is a grade that can deal with reflow soldering as well.

Reflow resistance

Changes in optical properties
Changes in dimensional characteristics and appearance
Reflow profile
Reflow profile

Comparision with "T-200" and other major resins

  T-200 Electron beam
Heat resistance Reflow possible Reflow possible Reflow possible
Refractive index 1.58 1.51 1.51~1.57
Abbe number 26 Unknown 35~58
Water absorption 0.4% 1% 0.5%
Injection molding Possible Possible Impossible
after molding
Unnecessary Electron beam
UV /
Thermal curing

T series has high transmittance in the near-infrared wavelength region used for optical communications and infrared sensors, and can control the molding process cost, so it can be expected to be applied to various optical devices that require reflow soldering.

(July, 2020)