We can also provide Unifiner in film type available.
Unifiner film has higher heat resistance, transparency, electrical properties and flexibility. It is suitable for various applications that require high heat resistance.

General Properties of UNIFINER FILM
  Item Measuring
Unit M-2000H
(thickness : 25µm)
(thickness : 5µm)
Thermal Glass transition temperature JIS K 7121 °C 275 235
Linear expansion coefficient JIS K 7197 10-6/°C 70 80
Heat shrinkage (180°C,30min) MD JIS K 7133 % 0.7 0.8
TD 0.6 1.0
Physical Density JIS K 7112 g/cm³ 1.12 1.17
Water absorption (immersion) 23°C/24h JIS K 7209 % 0.3 0.4
Surface hardness Pencil hardness JIS K 5600-5-4 HB 2B
Tensile strength at break MD JIS K 7127 MPa 95 65
TD 85 55
Tensile elongation at break MD JIS K 7127 % 100 80
TD 80 40
Optical Light transmittance JIS K 7361-1 % 92 90
Refractive index JIS K 7142 1.58 1.60
Haze JIS K 7136 % 0.2 1.2
Yellow index JIS K 7373 0.7 0.5
Electrical Dielectric breakdown strength IEC 60243-1 kV/mm 220 170
Volume resistivity JIS K 6911 Ω·cm 1014< 1014<
Dielectric constant
(Dk, ε)
60Hz JIS C 6481 2.9 3.2
1kHz 2.9 3.2
1MHz 2.8 3.1
1GHz Cavity resonance
5GHz 2.7
Dissipation factor
(Df, tanδ)
60Hz JIS C 6481 0.002 0.003
1kHz 0.003 0.003
1MHz 0.02 0.02
1GHz Cavity resonance
5GHz 0.007
Approaching Applications

Film capacitor

Its high heat resistance and electric properties (dielectric breakdown strength) contribute to create a high heat resistance ability for Film capacitor.

Recommendation : M-2040H 5µm filmHeat resistanceElectric properties

Image : Film capacitor

Loudspeaker diaphragm

Its acoustic properties and toughness can expect to be used for Loudspeaker diaphragm.

Recommendation : M-2040H 5µm filmAcoustic propertiesToughness

Image : Loudspeaker diaphragm

Optical film

- ITO transparent conducting films -

Unifiner Film has a compatible advantage in both of high heat resistance and transparency. It can expect to be used for the applications to base film for optical film such as touch panel.

Recommendation : M-2000H 25µm film

TransparencyHeat resistance

Image : ITO transparent conducting films

Top Plate

Clear PSA sheet

UNIFINER Clear heat resistant film

Clear PSA sheet

LCD, OLED, and other FPD

- OCA base film -

It can expect the following effects when Unifiner Film is used for OCA base film as a transparent-high heat resistance base material.

Process reduction
  • Detaching process of the heavy release film such as PET film
  • Attaching process of OCA onto Unifiner
Waste materials reduction
  • No need to use release film (heavy release) such as PET film

Image : OCA general usage

Release film Light release


Release film Heavy release

OCA general usage

Image : Recommendation : Unifiner usage for OCA

Release film Light release


UNIFINER Clear heat resistant film

Recommendation : Unifiner usage for OCA

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