U-Imide® Varnish Type BP

Uイミド<small>®</small> ワニス タイプBP(開発品)


Uイミド<small>®</small> ワニス タイプBP(開発品)イメージ

Through our unique technology, we have developed a polyimide precursor (polyamic acid) solution that facilitates the formation of porous polyimide layers. This product allows porous polyimide layers to be formed using the same equipment and process as used to form standard polyimide coatings.

A simple process involving only coating, drying, and heat treatment

Uイミド<small>®</small> ワニス タイプBP(開発品)イメージ2


Simple process

Porous polyimide coatings can be produced using typical coating, drying, and heat treatment equipment.

Low environmental impact

No poor-solvent immersion is required to form porous layers, and no liquid waste is generated.

Suitable for various shapes

With its ease of application, U-Imide Varnish enables porous polyimide coatings to be formed on substrates of various shapes, including plates, films, and tubes. Varnish properties (such as viscosity and concentration,) and coating properties (such as strength and porosity) can be adjusted to meet customer requirements.

Typical applications

Uイミド<small>®</small> ワニス タイプBP(開発品)イメージ3

Item Unit Porous Polyimide
(BP varnish coating)
Non-Porous Polyimide
Test Method
Thickness µm 50-300 30  
Porosity % 70 0  
Elastic modulus MPa 600 3000 ASTM D882 compliant
Thermal contraction coefficient [200°C] % <0.1 0.2 JIS K 7133 compliant
Thermal expansion coefficient [50℃ to 200℃] ppm/℃ 40 27 JIS K 7197 compliant
Thermal conductivity W/mK 0.04 0.16 JIS R 1611 compliant
Dielectric constant [1 MHz] 1.4 3.3 JIS K 6911 compliant
Dissipation factor [1 MHz] 0.004 0.009