Characteristics of elitel resins

UNITIKA elitel resins are thermoplastic saturated copolymeric polyester resins.
With the various excellent properties, elitel resins are expanding their applications from products such as adhesives, paints, ink binders, and modifying agents to the products in new-generation high-tech fields.


- elitel products have superior adhesiveness and coatability compared to various materials.

They exhibit excellent adhesiveness and coatability to a variety of materials: films and molded products of plastic materials such as polyester, polyvinylchloride, polycarbonate, and cellulose acetate; steel materials such as steel plates; metal materials such as copper, and aluminum; woven or nonwoven fabrics from polyester and other fibers; papers, woods, and others.

- elitel products may be hardened by combined use of a hardening agent.

In this manner, the excellent hardness, film properties, and heat-resisting properties may be further improved.

- Blending of an elitel resin with another elitel resin or a different resin provides alloys with more diversified resin properties. Additionally, elitel products are effective as a modifying resin for providing other resins with flexibility, coatability, toughness, and others.

- elitel resins form films excellent in flexibility, electrical properties, weather resistance, as well in appearance and transparency.

- elitel resins retain consistent quality with smaller change in quality over time.

- They are also excellent hygienically.