Example applications for UNILATE™

The superior performance of UNILATE™ is essential for the progress of the IT related industries. UNILATE™ has been used in the manufacturing process of a variety of products that support the IT industry such as semiconductor, lithium-ion battery, printed circuit board, and liquid crystal display.

Fields Adoption examples
Electrical insulation - Circuit breaker back cover
- Various types of insulating plates and boards
Machinery - Industrial machinery parts
- Food processing machinery parts
- Medical equipment parts
- Dryer interior materials
Electronics - Semiconductor manufacturing related
- Printed circuit board checkers (fixture)
- Embedded circuit boards
- FPC reinforcing board
- Ceramic capacitor manufacturing (inspection) parts
- Test sockets
Cars - Automotive parts manufacturing (inspection) pallets
- Horn insulation plates and boards
Various pallets
and trays
- Electronic components and LCD manufacturing
- Recharging and discharging inspection for rechargeable batteries
Others - Various tools and jigs
- Various grinding and polishing jigs
  • Test sockets

    Test sockets

  • Machine parts

    Machine parts

  • Conveyance pallets

    Conveyance pallets