Molding conditions

Molding conditions Table

Injection molding conditions

  Standard and High function Grade For LED Reflectors
Cylinder Temperature (°C) C1 305(290 - 320) 305(290 - 320)
C2 320(310 - 330) 310(300 - 320)
C3 325(315 - 340) 320(310 - 330)
NH 330(320 - 340) 325(315 - 335)
Limit temperature (°C) 350
Mold temperature (°C) ≧130(80 - 160)

Cylinder Temperature

The upper limit can be used as a guide is 350°C depending on the liquidity.
If it exceeds this temperature, there is a possibility of thermal decomposition.
In addition, the lower limit is 315°C (melting point).

Mold temperature (°C)

It is possible to mold at mold temperature even 100°C or less. But for the sake of good appearance and dimensional stability, mold temperature is recommended more than 130°C.


Please reduce and minimize the residence time and residence amount as small as possible. There is a possibility to cause dropping phenomena or color migration on molded products.
Also, please select a smaller diameter screw in molding machine. The maximum Injection capacity of the molding machine is five times or less per shot. Ideally speaking, three times or less should be better and recommended.