Main Applications of elitel Resins

UNITIKA "elitel" resins have a wide range of applications including adhesives, paints, ink binders, and coating agents, and the major applications among them are the followings:

Non-thermosetting type:

  1. Thermoplastic coating agents
    Primers, anchor coats, etc. (UE3600, 3200, 3201, 3210, 3500, etc.)
  2. Heat sealing agents
    Packaging films, PTPs, etc. (UE3210, 3220, 3223, 3400, 3500, etc.)
  3. Printing ink binders
    Polyester films, aluminum foils, etc. (UE3200, 3201, 3210, 3240, etc.)
  4. Resin modifiers
    For improving flexibility, preventing shrinkage, etc. (UE3220, 3230, 3400, etc.)

Thermosetting type:

Polyisocyanate hardening:

  1. Laminate adhesives
    Polyester film, aluminum foil, FPC, flat cable, etc. (UE3210, 3220, 3400, 3500, etc.)
  2. Adhesives for Polyvinylchloride products
    Polyvinylchloride steel plates, polyvinylchloride-coated steel pipes, polyvinylchloride leathers, etc. (UE3201, 3210, 3230, 3400, etc.)
  3. Binders for Magnetic tapes
    Polyester film, etc. (UE3210, 3220, etc.)
  4. For Metals
    Copper plates, aluminum, etc. (UE3210, 3220, etc.)

Amino resin hardening:

  1. Baking paints
    Paints, precoated metals, can coating, etc. (UE3210, 3220, 3500, 3600, etc.)

A variety of new elitel series resins recently developed are available to satisfy your every need and for your convenience. In this manner, we are expanding our technical service to our customers.