Precautions in using elitel resins

Precaution 1

When handling the resins in the neighborhood of a flammable solvent, make sure to discharge static electricity of the resins thoroughly for prevention of fire. Note that sheet type resins are electrically charged when wrapping films for packaging are removed, while pellet and flake type resins, by frictions generated during transfer from the bags.

Precaution 2

Flake type resins, inevitably from the shape of the resins, contain many powders. In addition, pellet type resins also contain a small amount of powders and generate dusts. Use dustproof protective masks and goggles.

Precaution 3

Store the products protected from direct light, high temperature and humidity, and water.

Precaution 4

For disposal, treat the resins complying with the Waste Management Law (waste plastics).

Precaution 5

See the material safety data sheets (MSDSs) for details.