Packaging application

Gas barrier

Material Grade Characteristics
(PVDC coating)
DCR Approximately 1.4µm of PVDC layer is coated onto one side of our standard grade "ON".
It has an oxygen transmission rate(O2TR) of 90ml/m²·d·MPa
(@20°C×90%RH) maintaining the characteristics of "ON".
Co-extrusion multi-layer BOPA
M It has an O2TR of 80ml/m²·d·MPa(@20°C×65%RH).
(gas barrier coating)
HG High gas barrier type which can be used for boil and retort applications.
Oxygen barrier property is improved up to less than 10ml/m²·d·MPa (@20°C×90%RH) by boil and retort treatments.
Oxygen barrier property isn’t affected by humidity, elongation, flexing and is stable during converting, transportation process.