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Environmental Activities

Environmental Activities

The UNITIKA Films Division is engaged in various environmentally conscious activities such as the acquisition of the International Standard ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems and of the International Standard ISO 14001 for Environment Management Systems, the review of package patterns, the recovery of packing materials.
With the following environmental policies, the Uji Plant, a core of the manufacturing division, is manufacturing products in consideration of preserving the surrounding environment.

Environmental policy

Basic philosophy

Based on the "Unitika Global Environment Charter" with a basic policy of "better living through technology, driven by corporate activities that help humans and nature coexist", we are making efforts to preserve our rich and beautiful global environment and to continuously improve the environment through our business activities.

Environmental policy

The Unitika Films Division’s manufacturing department, located at Uji City in southern Kyoto, a historical place, is promoting R&D and business activities near the River of Uji's beautiful waters.
We carry out our activities based on the following basic policies, in order to preserve this beautiful and historical landscape and environment blessed with beautiful water to the next generation without compromising their integrity.

1. When conducting production activities, we always considers the effects of the activities on the community and global environment, trying to prevent environmental contamination and to continuously improve our environment management systems.

2. We follow laws and regulations regarding environmental preservation, and the agreements or requirements of the community and industrial organizations with which we agree, and establish voluntary standards as needed to strengthen environmental preservation.

3. In all areas of the production activities, we promote savings in energy and resources, and accelerate the recycling of resources to reduce waste.

4. In order to achieve this environmental policy, we establish environment purposes and goals to the extent technologically and economically possible and promote environment management.
We review the environment purposes and goals on a regular basis and revise them as needed.

5. We educate all employees within this department on the awareness of the global environment and enhance awareness, while making it known to our cooperating companies that we wish them to gain an understanding and to cooperate with us in environmental preservation.

6. We release this environmental policy internally and externally as requested.

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