Our Philosophy/
Management Policy

Our Philosophy/Management PolicyOur Philosophy/Management Policy

Corporate Philosophy

Contributing to society
by connecting people's
lives and technology.
This is what Unitika strives to achieve.

We inherit the past, support the present, and create the future.
We aim to be a company that continues to be chosen by the future.

Unitika was founded in 1889 as a textile company during the initial stages of Japan’s modern industrial age, and has continued to evolve into a functional material manufacturer.Today, with high polymer technology at our core, we are transforming into a global corporation that is actively and accurately seizing on the demands of the present and future.

Our philosophy has remained consistent throughout our history. Even in our constantly changing society and in the face of environmental problems, we are committed to contributing to people’s lives and support a high quality of life through technology.
Our efforts are aimed towards producing materials that fundamentally improve the quality of living supplies, industrial activities, and infrastructure maintenance, while manufacturing a line of products that create a better future.

We will continue to deliver solutions that are fitting for future lives and for the planet, at times through materials that are used in places that are often not noticed by human eyes, and at other times through products that directly impact people’s lives.

Management Policy

Our fundamental management policies

As a corporate group, we are committed to our corporate philosophy of “contributing to society by connecting people’s lives with technology,” and to become an essential corporation for society that contributes to people’s lives and the environment. While advancing our fundamental management policies of “strengthening infrastructure as a functional material manufacturer” and “strengthening our corporate character and capital stock,” we maintain our firm belief that contributing to society not only increases our corporate value, but also contributes to our shareholders.

Our management indicator objectives

As a corporate group, we place emphasis on sales figures, operating profits, and ordinary profits as key indicators of the success of our business activities. In addition, from the perspective of strengthening our financial structure, we make sure to be conscious of improving our capital-to-asset ratio and reducing interest-bearing debt, while attaching great importance to managing our cash flow.

Our mid-to-long term management strategy and the challenges

As a corporate group, we formulated the G-STEP30, a long-term vision for the group which lays out the desired image of the Group around 2030, and the G-STEP30 1st, a medium-term management plan, which covers the three-year period starting in March 2021. We will advance the ongoing themes of the three Gs, “Growth: Promotion of business growth strategies”, “Global: Reinforcement and promotion of global business”, and “Governance: Reinforcement of group governance”. At the same time, we will build a corporate management foundation for continuous growth focusing on the main challenges, such like “Building a robust business portfolio”, “Promotion of the global business”, and “Reformation of the corporate culture and awareness” for achieving our medium-term management plan.