Business Domain/Product List

Unitika is creating a brighter
future for all.

Since its foundation in 1889, Unitika has harnessed the power of manufacturing to contribute to society. Made with a diverse range of materials born from our unique polymer technology, Unitika products can be found everywhere, from items we use every day to items used behind the scenes in industry and beyond.Behind all these different products is a singular commitment to creating a brighter future,where everyone can live a safe, convenient, and happy life in harmony with the environment. Unitika remains committed to delivering products that continue to be the best for the planet as it combines technology with the power of imagination to light the way to a brighter future.

UNITIKA Creation & Products

Polymer technology forms the core of Unitika’s manufacturing operations. Our polymer business focuses on films and plastics. We are pursuing synergies between our business areas and affiliated companies to take our polymer technologies global.

Our performance materials business offers a range of materials including nonwovens, activated carbon fibers, glass fibers,glass beads and industrial fibers. With our unique product lineup, we are focusing on expanding the areas of application.

Our fiber & textiles business offers textile materials and products for clothing and bedding applications. Working with Unitika Trading and other group companies, we run a one-stop shop for everything from raw materials to manufacturing and sales.