Message from the President

Shuji Ueno, Representative Director and President, Chief Executive OfficerShuji Ueno, Representative Director and President, Chief Executive Officer

We are shifting gears to strengthening our businesses, and aiming to improve our earning capacity.

Shuji Ueno,
Representative Director and President, Chief Executive Officer

Specifying eight priority issues (materiality) and setting KPIs and targets for 2030

The philosophy of the Unitika Group is “contributing to society by connecting people’s lives and technology.” Based on this philosophy, in our long-term vision G-STEP30 that was announced in May 2020, we identified the mission of the Unitika Group as contributing to the SDGs with approaches to the “three types of living.” The three types of living are safe and secure living, convenient and comfortable living, and living in coexistence with the environment. By achieving these three types of living, we aim to be a “company that is continuously chosen by customers.”

As a result of materializing the contents of the mission in our long-term vision in FY 2021, the Unitika Group has specified eight priority issues (materiality) and set KPIs and targets for 2030. Three of these issues relate to business activities, with many points that overlap with our philosophy and basic management policies and topics that we have been working on for some time. The other five issues relate to corporate activities.

We are going to address them systematically. We will reform our corporate culture and awareness through promoting priority issues, such as Employee engagement and Diversity.

Initiatives for implementation of the Sustainability Plan

In the new medium-term management plan that was started in FY 2023, we are working to implement the Sustainability Plan in addition to the three basic policies of Growth, Global, and Governance. In order to more reliably achieve our targets for the target year of 2030, the new medium-term management plan sets milestones (intermediate targets) for 2025, and we. will carry out measures for the eight priority issues classified into the categories of Prosperity, Planet, and People based on the SDG targets.

For Prosperity, we have set business themes for making lives more affluent from the three perspectives of safety and security, convenience and comfort, and coexistence with the environment. We have established numerical targets of increasing sales of materials based on these three themes by a factor of 1.6 by FY 2025 compared to FY 2019 levels, and by 2.6 by FY 2030.

For Planet, we have established numerical targets for CO2 emissions and for the amount of industrial waste disposed of outside our plants.

For People, we are focusing on investment in human capital, and working to create a company that respects human rights and is a rewarding place to work at, and to promote diversity. By strengthening supply chain management, we are enacting management to prevent human right abuses within our supply chain.

We recognize that the Sustainability Plan is an important part of our management plans that will play an essential role if the Unitika Group is to be a company that is continuously chosen by customers, and that the three Ps initiatives will form the foundation for our business activities and increasing profits. In particular, our Planet and People initiatives can be carried out by our company to some degree based on its own efforts. However, Prosperity will only yield sales once the value of the initiatives has been well understood by our customers. We believe it is important that we work to identify that value which will be highly evaluated by customers and society, and address these initiatives sincerely.

Extremely difficult results due to the impact of the external environment

In FY 2022, we were subject to major impacts from the external environment, and the results were extremely challenging. Issues from the previous medium-term management plan remained incomplete. In the new medium-term management plan, we will carefully address these issues in order to restore business results, and devote our every effort to strengthening our business earning capacity.
Key to these activities is the unique strengths of the Unitika Group: our advanced technical capabilities developed over many years and our high value-added products with high functionality that meet market needs with environmentally friendly performance.

To all stakeholders

The current times are seeing sweeping changes in market structures, so we will focus our attention on responding to the shifting situation, and transform the great potential of the Unitika Group into the form that can best meet the needs of people and society. All employees, including the management team, will devote their full efforts for this purpose. I hope that the Unitika Group can continue to rely on the understanding and support of all our stakeholders.

Shuji Ueno, Representative Director and President, Chief Executive Officer